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    Wolds Way Express

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Having seen the Narrow Gauge Railways in the sugar cane fields around Cairns in Northern Queensland, Australia many years ago, it was apparent at the start of developing Wolds Way Lavender that a Narrow Gauge Railway would be the key to getting the freshly cut Lavender from the Lavender Fields to the Lavender Distillery. Our train is smaller than those we first saw in Aussie, but is more than capable of pulling the various trucks and carriages that we have!

We carry the freshly cut Lavender from the field into the Lavender Distillery. We carry the spent Lavender out of the Lavender Distillery once we have extracted the Lavender Essential Oil strong. We carry the wood to the Lavender Distillery that we burn to make the steam for the Lavender steam distillation process.

One of the advantages of using the Narrow Gauge Railway is that we have been able to keep the Wolds Way Lavender Distillery building smaller in height. If we were using tractors and loaders to bring the Lavender in we would have needed a physically bigger building.

The Engine we use is a petrol, hydrostatic drive locomotive made by Roanoak Engineering, Devon.We have a 7.25″ Bagnall Steam Locomotive under construction in our own workshops, but with everything else that is going on it may (will) be sometime!And finally we have passenger carriages to give train rides.

We are one of a few Narrow Gauge working Railways in the country.

The building of the track work, points, landscaping etc was all carried out by ourselves and took around five months to complete. It has been a worthy addition to Wolds Way Lavender. The area is now full of wildflowers and wild life. The pond had matured and blende into its surroundings. We have planted around about 150 trees in the area which are now starting to get hold. A lovely area in all seasons!